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agua de cielo scalp massage benefits blog

Benefits of Scalp Massage: Unlocking the Secret to Healthier Hair

The benefits of scalp massage have been known for centuries.

They're free... Feel good... And can do them anywhere.

Scalp massage doesn't just feel amazing and leaves you relaxed and mesmerized.

They also have many long-term benefits for your hair and scalp health.

So, in this article, we'll talk about scalp massage benefits and how they can boost your hair care routine.

What Are the Benefits of Scalp Massage?

The benefits of scalp massage have been known for centuries, dating back to the BC era in ancient India. They were part of grooming rituals to grow hair longer and stronger. There's a reason why the term "it all starts with the scalp" is commonly used in hair care. The scalp is the base for your hair to grow. So a healthy scalp can lead to healthy hair.

scalp massage benefits

Let's dive deeper into the transformative benefits of scalp massages:

Scalp Massage for Hair Growth

The benefits of scalp massage for hair growth are one of the most known. By giving yourself consistent scalp massages, you're stimulating your scalp. A stimulated scalp means increased blood flow aka better nourishment and more oxygen for your hair follicles. Leaving you with thicker, healthier hair.

Reducing Tension & Stress

It's no secret that massages relax the body, and scalp massages are no different. Scalp massage benefits include reducing tension in the head and neck area, leading to reduced stress and anxiety levels. This not only feels good but also promotes better hair health by reducing stress-related hair issues. You'll end up with a positive boost of mental health, wellness, and relaxation.

Remove Build-Up and Reduce Dandruff

Dirt, product buildup, and dandruff can cause loads of issues if not taken care of. Luckily, adding a scalp massager to your shower routine can help you exfoliate your scalp. Scalp massagers are made to replace your gentle fingertips with thick bristles that better reach your scalp. This helps remove buildup and dead skin cells that clog up your hair follicles. Plus, they feel amazing while washing your hair so you will have something to look forward to each time.

Dealing with dandruff? You can learn more about dandruff prevention and care in our blog here.

Improving Scalp Health

A healthy scalp gives your hair a healthy base for growth. Massaging helps exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells and unclogging hair follicles. This can reduce scalp acne and other skin issues. It also helps stimulate blood flow, allowing your scalp to absorb nutrients and more oxygen.

Feel Good as Heck

A soothing scalp massage will give you a sensation of relaxation and wellness. This will help boost your mental state and comfort, all while being good for your health. You can add some warm natural oils to enhance the feeling of them.

scalp massage benefits

Now you can see that the benefits of scalp massage are more than just hair growth. They have added advantages of stress reduction and improved overall scalp health.

How to Perform the Ultimate Scalp Massage

While you can always opt for a professional massage, giving yourself a scalp massage at home is easy and equally beneficial (and cheaper). Here's a step-by-step guide, the Agua de Cielo way:

Deep scalp massage with oils

  1. Prepare Your Oil: Put one to two drops of our Everything Serum in your palm and rub against your other palm to warm it up.
  2. Use Fingertips: Begin at the front of your scalp, using firm but gentle pressure, and move in small circular motions.
  3. Cover All Areas: Move from the front to the back of the scalp. Don't forget the sides above your ears.
  4. Duration: Continue the massage for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Wash (If you used oils): Conclude with our Recover Me hydrating shampoo if you've used oils.
Want to learn more about hair oiling? You can read our Benefits of Hair Oiling blog here.

    Scalp massage for hair growth with dropper

    1. Apply Your Dropper: Apply some drops of our Hair Growth Dropper along your hair.
    2. Use Fingertips: Massage the serum into your hair and scalp, using firm but gentle pressure, and move in small circular motions. Cover All Areas: Move from the front to the back of the scalp. Don't forget the sides above your ears.
    3. Duration: Continue the massage for 5-10 minutes.
    4. Leave-in and Enjoy: Our dropper is meant to leave in your hair. Keep it in all day and enjoy.

    BONUS: How to use a scalp massager

    1. Wet Hair and Apply Our Recover Me Shampoo: Make sure your hair is thoroughly wet before shampooing for best results.
    2. Move Your Scalp Massager in a Circular Motion: Move the scalp massager around your head. Use small, circular movements to stimulate the scalp and help distribute the shampoo evenly. Add pressure as you prefer but not too rough.
    3. Continue Massaging: As you rinse the shampoo, maintain the massage. This ensures that you’re cleaning your scalp and removing any product residue.
    4. Condition and Complete: Proceed to condition and continue with your regular hair care routine.
    scalp brush

    Our DIY scalp massages are simple, quick, and can be added into your daily routine. Whether during your shower or while watching your favorite show.

    Professional Scalp Massage Therapies

    Professional massages take the experience up a notch. Trained therapists can use more advanced techniques. Often combined with other hair treatments for maximized benefits. Although these are pricier than doing it yourself, don't feel bad about spoiling yourself every once in a while. You deserve it. Your local area should have salons that offer specialized professional scalp massage therapies.

    Recommended Products

    Enhance your scalp massage benefits and experience with these top-tier products:

    • Hair Growth Dropper: Our organic hair growth serum that you can add to your hair after showering. Contains verbena, ginger and rosemary that help stimulate the scalp and improve hair growth. Enhance the results by massaging it into your scalp.
    • Everything Serum: Our innovative 3-in-1 pre-wash hair oil that fights frizz, split ends and improves hair growth. Contains four powerful oils including jojoba, castor, argan, and avocado. Warm this oil up with your hands and give your scalp a heavenly feeling of relaxation.
    • Scalp Shower Brush: Boost your hair wash routine by removing dead skin cells and product buildup. These brushes have thick bristles that reach your scalp better than your fingers, allowing you to better clean your scalp.


    The journey to beautiful hair might be simpler than you think. By adding regular scalp massages into your routine, you’re not only indulging in a moment of relaxation but setting the foundation for healthier, shinier, and stronger hair. Start enjoying scalp massage benefits today and share your experiences in the comments below!

    And if you want to learn more about the benefits of a healthy scalp, you can read our Scalp Type blog here.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What happens if you massage your scalp every day?

    Massaging your scalp daily can offer many benefits. Some include improving blood flow to the scalp, spreading of natural oils, and reduced stress levels. Consistent scalp massages can support healthy hair growth and promote overall scalp health. However, it’s important to keep massages gentle to avoid any stress or damage to the hair roots and shaft.

    How often should I massage my scalp for hair growth?

    While daily scalp massages can be beneficial, consistency is key. You need to be able to keep a frequency that suits your routine and scalp condition. A general guideline is to indulge in a scalp massage 3-5 times a week for hair growth. This should be enough to stimulate blood flow to the scalp without being too time-consuming.

    How long should I massage my scalp for hair growth?

    A minimum of 3-5 minutes of scalp massage is recommended to derive benefits. But you can extend this to up to 10 minutes and enhance results if you have the time. Consistency is important, so it’s better to stick to a manageable time that you can maintain. If using a hair oil during the massage, ensure you include time to wash it off post-massage if needed.

    Can scalp massages replace my regular hair care routine?

    While scalp massages are a fantastic addition to your hair care routine, they shouldn’t replace it. Think of scalp massages as a supplementary activity that enhances your existing routine.

    Does massaging your scalp help your hair grow?

    Yes, massaging your scalp can improve hair growth. Massaging stimulates blood flow to the scalp, which helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles. This helps promote healthier hair growth. Scalp massages can also help spread the natural oils of the scalp along the hair shaft, providing nourishment and protection to your hair. Adding scalp massages to your hair care routine should be a given if you're aiming for hair growth.

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