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A message from the founder...

Agua de Cielo is the result of a long time of research and study, which has allowed me to discover the importance of each ingredient that is part of the composition of each product. These products have been created with the aim of creating and maintaining beautiful hair, improving its health and at the same time keeping it safe from the harmful external agents that affect us daily.

The Agua de Cielo recipe has been elaborated with great care and affection, as if it were for my own hair, which is the model I refer to when I talk about the product. The manufacture of each product is carried out completely by hand, so we can ensure that only the best ingredients are used.

Why did Agua de Cielo emerge?

After a long time of thinking, I realised that a main cause of hair deterioration was lack of hydration and excessive use of products not suitable for hair. Since (in 2020) after the pandemic, I began researching to find the optimal formula for my hair, and in addition to this, I decided to study more about the relationship between water and hair health and discovered that there are other benefits of water for our body and especially for our hair.

I found that hair is an extension of our personality and if we have beautiful hair, we can feel better about ourselves.. Since then I began to use natural remedies for hair and also looking for ways to make them easy to use to provide a solution to all girls, boys and the general public who suffer from these conditions. For this reason, Agua de Cielo emerged, a brand designed for you.


yovalina pichardo garcia

"We often forget the things that happened to us, but we never forget how we felt when they happened to us."

-Yovalina Isabel Pichardo G.

Why Agua de Cielo

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Create the perfect product for an unforgettable experience. We aren't only looking to gain customers, but to grow a supporting community with our products.

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Inspiration born from a family tradition of seeking the best results with natural ingredients for hair care products. We grow with a clear vision to expand our brand.


Cruelty Free

Our products are vegan and not tested on animals. We believe in taking care of all life and don't need chemicals causing more damage to the environment.