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The Agua de Cielo brand

Agua de Cielo seeks to position itself as a world-renowned competitor in the organic hair cosmetics industry. We focus on the company’s unique value proposition: 

  • Offering a wide portfolio of hair cosmetic products manufactured for men and women
  • Global presence
  • Comfortable, customer-focused environment
  • Competitive price point
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Always improving and using feedback and data to further improve operations

We plan to provide the best all-natural and vegan hair cosmetics at affordable rates so that more users have access to the benefits of its products.

Working with us

To grow our brand and community, we look forward to working with others who share our principles and love for the Agua de Cielo brand. We want to help men and women who suffer from hair loss or simply want to improve the quality and look of their hair to have the right solution.


Individuals who believe in the brand and want to share it with the word.

Beauty Salons

Owners who want to stock Agua de Cielo products in their salons for personal use and/or sales.

Wholesale Distributors

For who want to buy or import directly from us in bulk and sell to other parties.


Stocking Agua de Cielo products within their own stores, whatever industry it may be.

best organic hair products

Setting us apart

We appreciate all our partners that believe in its mission and principles. This is why we want to help our partners as well. This includes promoting and referring our customers to your own brand and company as well.

Get to know about Agua de Cielo and our mission to restore healthy beautiful hair. If you are interested in working with us, please fill out the contact form below.

Contact us

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