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3 month hair growth challenge and results blog

Challenge Accepted: How 40 Strangers Came Together to Transform Their Hair in Our 3 Month Hair Growth Challenge

We're proud to share the incredible story of our recently completed and first ever 3 Month Hair Growth and Recovery Challenge.

This was a hair transformation journey for 40 women from the United States and the Dominican Republic who were determined to give their hair a second chance.

Throughout the duration of the challenge, friendships were born, tears were shed, and hair was reborn.

Read on to see how these incredible women were able to face their hair problems and end up with results too good you’ll have to see for yourself.

You won’t believe some of these before and after photos from just 3 months of using the right products and changing their hair care routine!

What is the 3 Month Hair Growth and Recovery Challenge?

woman thinking


The 3 month hair growth challenge was created by Agua de Cielo and Smell to help women suffering from damaged hair and transform it to healthier and beautiful hair. Numerous women had reached out to us, telling us about their hair problems and how they were devastated from it.

The goal of the challenge was to teach them to use the right products, how to create a personalized hair care routine for their hair type, which ingredients to add or avoid, and more. The idea was to give them all the information they needed to continue to care for their hair even after the challenge was completed. That way, they would have all the tools they needed to avoid damaging their hair and living a more balanced life.

And we didn’t want this to be any ordinary hair treatment for damaged hair…

Each contestant was given a personalized hair care routine and product recommendation based on their hair condition and hair type. If accepted, they would need to take a progress pic each month so that we could track their growth and improvement throughout the challenge.

The prizes? As if basically guaranteeing that they would see big improvements in their hair quality wasn’t enough. There were prizes for the two women who stayed active in the community, read the necessary classes and information, followed the routine and saw the most improvement.

This was their chance to give their hair a second chance…

What are the reasons to participate?

The majority, if not all of our participants came for the same ultimate goal: to find a damaged hair treatment that works and finally regain their confidence.

Most of the issues included:

  • Damage caused by salon malpractices and too much chemicals
  • Badly applied chemical treatments
  • Treatments not meant for their hair type
  • Now knowing how to fix heat damaged hair
  • Hair loss
  • Dandruff and dry scalp

These women had almost lost hope. They were tired of spending money on products that promised them miracles, just to be let down.

They needed a solution…

3 month hair growth challenge results

Going Organic the Agua de Cielo Way

Throughout the 3 month hair growth and recovery challenge, the participants learned essential hair care routines through classes and personalized assistance. From washing methods to nutrition advice, the challenge was all about teaching how to repair damaged hair, avoid chemicals and promote growth.

The only requirements? Use at least one Agua de Cielo product and avoid any chemical treatments throughout the challenge. And have the open mind to learn.

Building a Hair Care Community

Apart from learning, this 3 month hair growth challenge was also about forming a strong support group. The contestants were part of an active community where they shared updates, motivated each other, and enjoyed prizes and giveaways. Our aim was to create a supportive environment where everyone felt encouraged in their hair care journey and they could get that needed push of motivation when they felt down.

The community became filled with progress pics, laughs and the support they needed from one another to help reach their hair growth goals together.

agua de cielo 3 month hair growth challenge results

Personalized Hair Care for Healthier Hair

At Agua de Cielo, we understand that each hair type has different needs. To ensure that everyone got the most out of our organic hair care products, we created personalized routines based on each contestant's hair condition and the products they were able to purchase. This approach proved to be a success as our participants experienced fantastic results, showing that damaged hair can indeed be repaired.

Testimonials from the Challenge

At the end of the 3 month hair growth challenge, we saw fantastic transformations that went beyond our expectations. Participants saw a noticeable improvement in their hair's health, texture, and length. This proved that our organic products for damaged hair work and answered the question: "Can damaged hair be repaired?" with a resounding "Yes!"

Interview with our challenge winner

Now, let's hear from our challenge winner, Gray and her experience from the challenge.

Yovalina: What prompted you to join our 3 Month Hair Growth Challenge? Was it for a change, a challenge, or simple curiosity?

Gray: I wanted a change in my hair since I had used several lines that did not work.

Yovalina: Tell us! What was your "magic moment" with your hair during the challenge? Was there a day when you looked in the mirror and thought, "Wow, it's really working!"?

Gray: Well, I saw results a week after using Agua de Cielo, as far as hair loss, shine, and softness of the hair, a change from heaven to earth.

Yovalina: Was there ever a time during the challenge when you were tempted to give up? What helped you keep going?

Gray: I have never been tempted, thank God, because I have seen results that are worth gold, I will not change Agua de Cielo, in fact, they told my husband about a line and he himself told them that she is already using ones that she loves.

Interview with our other challenge star

Yovalina: What prompted you to join our 3 Month Hair Growth Challenge? Was it for a change, a challenge, or simple curiosity?

Jafreisi: What prompted me to join this challenge is that I wanted a change in my hair! But I didn't have the idea or the advice and above all the knowledge of how to start, and that's how this challenge came to my ears and in this way, I was able to obtain great results!! Thanks to the Agua de Cielo products.

Yovalina: Was there ever a time during the challenge when you felt tempted to give up? What helped you keep going?

Jafreisi: I never felt that because I loved every process that I was doing more and more each day, and my dream is to have my mane and I only thought about that and that was always what motivated me.

Yovalina: Tell us! What was your "magic moment" with your hair during the challenge? Was there a day when you looked in the mirror and thought, "Wow, it's really working!"?

Jafreisi: Yes, that moment was when I used the Agua de Cielo ampoules my hair felt like never before and until the sun of today and obviously with the step of the other products! 😍

mejores products para evitar la caída

What’s Next?

We're thrilled with the results of this challenge and can’t wait to share more of Agua de Cielo’s organic hair care products with you all. If you've been wondering, "Can damaged hair be repaired?" We invite you to try Agua de Cielo. Here’s to healthier, longer, and more beautiful hair!

We're dedicated to helping everyone experience the magic of our organic hair care. Through challenges like these and our popular range of products, we strive to help everyone improve their hair with good products and routines.

Are you suffering from damaged hair or want to grow longer hair?

If you are interested in joining our next 3 Month Hair Growth Challenge, please visit and fill out the form.

Currently, our challenge is only offered in Spanish but if you’re interested in a personalized consultation and routine, please write to us at and we can work with you towards achieving the hair of your dreams.

With Agua de Cielo, you don't just get proven products that work; you get a community of people who are passionate about learning about hair health and growth.

It’s time to give your hair a second chance with Agua de Cielo. What is still stopping you?

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