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Team Lizos Straightener

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Enjoy effortlessly straight hair with our Team Lizos Hair Straightening Spray. Enjoy the ease of styling with our organic formula made with wheat and rice proteins. It leaves your hair with a radiant shine, making your hair look healthy and vibrant.

It's more than just a spray for straightening hair. It also battles frizz, keeps your hair well-hydrated, and supports healthy hair growth. Whether you're preparing for a day out or a special event. Our spray ensures your hair looks its best - straight, shiny, and full of life.

Size: 8 oz / 237 ml

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agua de cielo team lizos hair straightening spray

Enjoy effortlessly beautiful straight hair with our organic hair straightening spray

Perfect for those women who love to showcase their personality through sleek, straight hair. With our Team Lizos Hair Straightening Spray, getting that look has never been easier. It's made from a clean and organic formula. Each component works together to help straighten hair without affecting its natural structure. It's a treatment that improves the health of your hair, improving its natural shine and beauty.

Every spray of our Team Lizos Straightener is a step towards healthier, more lively hair. It ensures that your straight hair is not just a look—but a reflection of its natural beauty and strength. It also keeps your hair hydrated and defended from frizz. Just apply our spray for straightening hair to dry or damp hair at the roots before drying. Then enjoy beautifully straight hair all day long.

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Team Lizos vs Team Rizos

agua de cielo team lizos hair straightening spray

team lizos

For Sleek, Straight Hair

Our hair straightening spray helps you get effortlessly straight hair while hydrating and protecting your hair from frizz.

team rizos activador de rizos

Team Rizos

For Bold, Curly Hair

Our curl-defining gel helps you enhance the natural pattern of your curls for long-lasting beautifully defined curls.

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