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The Hair Growth Challenge is on!

The Hair Growth Challenge is on!

Are you ready for some amazing hair transformations?

We are just three weeks into our Hair Growth Challenge and these girls are already getting some incredible results!

They are well on their way to longer and healthier hair with the help of Agua de Cielo.

How the Hair Growth Challenge Works

Smell and Agua de Cielo teamed up to create a three month Hair Growth Challenge. It aims to help women gain longer and healthier hair, while providing a community for support . During the challenge, these women will track their hair growth, share their stories, and cheer each other on to reach their hair goals.

The goal is to overcome hair-related issues and end up with healthier, longer locks. They'll use recommended Agua de Cielo organic hair care products and receive weekly classes about hair care. This advice will help them to make informed hair care decisions even after the challenge is over.

All the women participating will be winners, as they'll see amazing hair transformations. But as a bonus, the two women who achieve the most growth by the end of the challenge will receive a special prize!

Progress Update

In just three weeks, our 46 participants have already started to see some fantastic results. The reviews and progress photos we've received are nothing short of amazing.

hair growth results before and after

Some of the reviews we have received so far:

"First time in the salon since I started the challenge and the shine it has is unbeatable."
"I am in love with the results. It had been a long time since I saw my hair so wandering and they are growing a lot thanks to Agua de Cielo."
"That's how my hair goes. Very shiny and hydrated. With only 3 uses the change is notable."


Join the Fun and Become a Winner

Don't worry if you missed out on the start of the challenge. You can still check out our organic hair care products and experience the benefits for yourself. Make sure to follow our Instagram page @aguadecielord and follow the progress of these amazing girls.

And if you aren’t already, make sure to subscribe to our email list. You'll get all the latest updates, hair care how-tos, discounts and more.

And remember, at the end of the challenge, all our participants will be winners! With healthier, longer, and beautiful hair, everyone will finish feeling like a superstar.

So what are you waiting for? Join us now and start your own hair growth journey. We can't wait to see your transformation!

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